About The Project

ThisDayToday.com is provided by Nedulous Productions LLC, which is the owned and run by Lynn Ferguson and Mark Tweddle.


Inspired by the Google Doodles, we produce daily videos covering something that happened today in history.  For example, our first ever video presented Lynn Ferguson on the birth of Justin Bieber.  We only have a few rules for our videos.  They must be fun, share a fact or two and they must be under a minute long short.  [Note: We started with a time limit of one minute and it was a great discipline to begin the project with. Now when the writing and performance warrants it, we go a little longer.]


We post our videos primarily to youtube.com/todaythis which we embed on this website, but we also post to blip.tv/ThisDayToday.  Our Twitter ID and our Facebook page post automatically every time we upload a video.


This is the second version of a website for our videos.  There’s sure to be many more designs, some will be all stark and minimalist, and some will be all plush velvet upholstery and plump cushions.  But they’re for tomorrow and for now, this is today.  If you’ve got any great ideas for our website, from lovely fabrics to dumbwaiter buttons, I’d love to hear about them.  Tweet me.


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