Legally speaking terms and conditions are essential. ┬áPersonally speaking, I think it’s good to communicate what to expect and so we’ll always strive to be clear.

We’ll always ensure that our videos and content are non-violent, not overtly sexual and reasonably inoffensive to all viewers – though if you enter the ring of public debate we might pop in a joke or two at your expense (sorry about that, but not really).

Some concepts may be beyond a child’s understanding and we can’t be certain that comments made on third party websites will be suitable for all audiences, so we ask that you should be over 13 years old.

We can not be held responsible for the service and actions of other websites and providers. We won’t be sharing or selling any information that you provide to us.

We’ll produce the content and would love your involvement, but please:

  • Don’t hack our websites;
  • Don’t ripoff our content; and
  • Don’t be nasty to our viewers.

We, Nedulous Productions LLC,  reserve all rights to our content.

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