Embed our videos on your site/ blog

Would you like to embed our videos on your website or blog?  Well you can.

They’re freely available to embed, either individually or as playlists.  Just go to the video or playlist that you want on our YouTube channel and click share to get the embed code that you want.

It’s also possible to embed the uploaded video playlist, which allows you to have a player on your page that will automatically update when we release the next next day’s video. You can get the code yourself and choose the player size by going to the playlist and then clicking on ‘share’ and then ’embed’.  Or just cut’n’paste the following:

Worried we might post a video you don’t like? Well we can’t promise that we’ll make you laugh, but we’ll try our best. What we can promise is that our videos will always aim to be informative, funny and suitable for everyone.

Hmm… What does “suitable for everyone” mean?  Well, we won’t do bad language without warning you first and we won’t do that ‘drive by’ vicious type of humor.  From time to time we may poke fun at Donald Trump, Rush Limbaugh and those who seek out controversy…as we’re pretty sure they’ll still be happy to be mentioned even though we’re poking fun at them.  And even when we poke fun at someone, that’s all it should be… fun.

In essence, we try to keep things at level where our 10 year old son could watch without being shocked.  Though he may not laugh when the concept is beyond his experience.  Our videos will generally only have implied naughtiness without gratuitous references to erm whatever…

Thank you for your support.

Lynn & Mark

The embedded uploaded playlist will look like this (Note it says there’s 100 videos…there’s over double that already!):


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